School teachers


Principal 校長先生

Thomas Macleod

出身:Canada カナダ

Working with students has become such a huge part of my life over my years as a teacher. I have learned immensely from my students and taken a huge amount of pride in their success and the people that they have grown into. I believe that learning can be a wonderful experience for students if they are presented with lessons that are exciting and challenging. My beliefs are constantly confirmed by my students’ smiles as they take on more and more challenging endeavors.

Andrea Stain

出身:America アメリカ

Hello, my name is Andrea and it is a pleasure to be working here at First Steps. The best part of my job is hearing the many interesting stories the kids want to tell me. Even more so, it is the beautiful smiles I see on their faces that brighten the days I have with them.

Anna Valencia

出身:Philippines フィリピン

Being a teacher for more than 12 years, teaching is not just a job for me now -- teaching kids has now become my way of life. I love being a teacher, and it makes me so happy and fulfilled seeing the kids learn the lessons that I teach them.

Jessica Ibe

出身:Philippines フィリピン

I think people who are in the same field would agree that teaching is one of the most important professions we have and not only is it a profession but it is a mission. Despite its many challenges, teaching offers rewards that go far beyond our daily job expectations. If there is any part of teaching that I would call "rewarding", it is when I see my students make even just a little progress and at the same time enjoy what they are learning and doing.

Lien Trinh

出身:Vietnam ベトナム

I believe teaching is not only from books but mostly from the heart. I hope to see the kids coming to school with curiosity and going home with a smile. Everyone, happy learning!

Vanessa Ohuchi

出身:Philippines フィリピン

I love teaching because it is always a joy to see my students being amazed by new things that they have learned and being proud of their accomplishments. Being a part of their growth throughout the year, I believe I am making a difference and contributing to society. In addition to witnessing their growth, I love that as a teacher, I am constantly learning new things that will help me and my students.