Vision & Mission

Our Mission and Vison

Nice to meet you
My name is Manami Yamaguchi, the representative of First Steps International School.

I returned from studying in the United States for two years in 1991,
To be honest, I established an English class with a light feeling that I could somehow sustain my English. It will be the predecessor of this school.
After that, while responding to the requests of those who came through, various types of English conversation then I have created a class.

The first children's class started with two children in the third grade of elementary school.
After that, there are classes for each grade from the first grade of elementary school, classes for kindergarteners, classes for twice a week, etc. Many children enjoyed coming to the school.

"Children seems to understand the teacher's English,
However, they don't start talking to themselves~?"
Since such a question, maybe we should do it from a smaller age? I think
I also made a class from the age of 1. So that children can enjoy learning English with their mother.

After one or two years, the children who started at the age of one entered kindergarten, and became elementary school students.
You can now converse in English, right?" I thought,
Even if they could use the phrases they had learned, they still couldn't speak naturally in their own words.

What this mean...
Even if they learn English from childhood ...
After all, as long as they are learning English, they will not be bilingual.
Finally, I achieved to that conclusion.

Living in English as you learn English as your mother tongue instead of teaching English
So what to do?

In order to learn English as a language, not a subject...
There are families who think "English from early childhood" ...
There are children who are full of the ability to memorize words...
Everyone learns their native language naturally in their daily lives...

If we create an environment where children can learn English naturally in their daily life,
Children will naturally become bilingual...
Even if children are in an island Japan, if children live in English for more than 5 hours a day,

Children can grow bilingual!!

From there…
"Making Japanese children become bilingual while staying in the Japan"
That’s challenge has begun.

For parents who work full-time,
We also launched daycare (childcare services) for nurseries and preschools.
During the long holidays of elementary schools, we also provide elementary daycare.
We are providing more "time to live and learn English".

Preschool to Elementary, Junior High and most of the children advance to the next level, so they grow up like schoolmates and also siblings.
Our school is not a place of integrated education for children.
We are becoming place like a second home.
Nowadays, high school students come to school because they want to study more.

Kindergarten ends in kindergarten, and elementary school ends in elementary school.
As long as our children need our school,
We are always ready to help them.

Please leave your precious children with peace of mind.