Welcome Back to School

Well, the new school year has just begun! Spring is here and everyone is waking up after what has felt like an especially long and cold winter. Naturally, as the season turns, we are all filled with a sense of excitement as we look forward to what the new year will bring. The teachers and students are surely brimming with anticipation for what their new classes will bring. Looking around the classrooms today, I am confident that they are.
As I step into the role of principal, I feel like I can relate to our students more easily than usual. They are stepping into a new position, taking on new responsibilities. I’m sure that they are all as eager as I am. Although they don’t look nearly as nervous. I am so excited for this opportunity and humbled by the trust put in me. Working with the students has always been rewarding and as I explore the ins and outs of this position, I am always mindful to do what’s best for them.
The last year posed many unique challenges for everyone at First Steps. We were forced to move classes online, a challenge to be sure, but one that turned into a fun experience and a new and exciting way to interact with the kids. Once we moved to the classroom, the students and teachers worked together to keep our school safe. I am incredibly proud of how well the teachers and students were able to handle all of the adjustments. I think it’s fair to say that these students are better informed on how to manage the spread of disease than most any class before them. As we begin our new year, we are optimistic that this period will soon be over. We are looking forward to all of the wonderful things in store for us when we can finally go outside and relax while remembering the lessons that last year has taught us.
In closing, thank you so much for your continued support. The students at First Steps International School have a great year ahead of them. Please join me and the rest of the teachers in cheering them on as they begin this next big step in their education.
Welcome back to school, Thomas MacLeod



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