A visit back home

Hi everyone!

Recently I went back to Australia for a visit. I like going home for many reasons like spending time with family and friends, and eating comfort food that I can`t eat anywhere else. Everytime I go back, there is one thing that surprises me, and that`s adjusting back to the `Australian lifestyle`.

Have you heard of `culture shock`? It`s when you go to a foreign place and you need time to adjust to the different culture. This usually happens if things feel strange or not what you expected. What about `reverse culture shock`? You might experience this when you live overseas for a long time, come back to your home country and it takes you awhile to adjust back to what you`re used to.

Sometimes reverse culture shock can be extreme but luckily for me after a few days back in Australia I could adjust quickly to most things.

I`ll share some things that I experienced on this trip;

– Greetings at stores and supermarket checkouts. You will get greeted with a, “Hi, how`s it going?” or “Hi, how are you?”. Depending on the person that greets you, you might say “Good, thanks” and carry on with your shopping. Or you might find yourself in a longer conversation about your day or the weather.

-Everyone is your mate! Australian people are so friendly and love to chat! Sometimes I found myself talking to random people in the city or at the train station. Something I`m not very use to in Japan.

-Giving thanks to your bus driver. Everyone is polite to the driver, this has been a thing since I caught the bus when I was little. As you leave the bus you can say “thank you”, “thanks” or even a wave or a nod is okay.

-Since living overseas I don`t use a lot of Australian slang. I`m not around a lot of Australians so this is something that I tend to forget. But when I went back it was so easy and fun to pick up again. Something that we love to do is make words short. A few examples are;

I`ll do it in the arvo = I`ll do it in the afternoon
Let`s go to the servo = Let`s go to the service station (convenient store/petrol station)
Do you want a biccie? = Do you want a biscuit?
Good on`ya! = Good on you (good job)
I`m watching the telly = I`m watching the television
I need my sunnies = I need my sunglasses

And these are just words. Think about all the different phrases that we have! Maybe I`ll keep that for the next blog….

Have you had a similar experience? Have you lived overseas then found it strange to come back to Japan? If you have any stories or experiences I would love to hear them some day!